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Thank you EVERYONE so very much for working with us during the storm. We are very luck to have exceptional clients and an amazing staff.  In addition we want to say thank you to everyone at the City of Winter Park, Spectrum and SquareWave Technologies for quickly restoring our operation.  

During the storm, there was a long period when we were without phones.  Fortunately - we were able to continue to stay in contact and post updates on our Facebook page.  Clients were able to send word via Facebook to update and change reservations and get updates on the few pets that were in the facility during the storm.  We encourage everyone to become friends / like us on Facebook as an emergency method of contact.

We know there are plenty of people that are still in the process of recovery.  Our facility is up and running and has AC.  Contact us if you need help with your pets or just stop by to stand in the cool air. 



FAX NUMBER (407) 622-5197